UberSocial keyboard shortcuts

An update for my previous UberTwitter shortcuts list now that UberTwitter has become UberSocial:

U – post a tweet (update)
R – reply to tweet / person you are viewing
K – reply to all
D – send direct message to author of tweet you are viewing (unlike R, this doesn’t work when viewing a person)
L- retweet

F – follow the sender of tweet / person who you are viewing
Z – email the tweet you are viewing
V – favourite a tweet

S – go to search screen
A – go to accounts screen
P – refresh

T – go to top of time line
B – go to bottom of time line

(Other shortcuts which I don’t use: E also does reply, Space – page down, Shift Space or zero – page up, O also does refresh and Shift X – exit)

If you’re not familiar with UberSocial, it’s a great Twitter client which you can get from here.

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