Parliament debates if astrology means Britain is safe from invasion

Following my story about David Tredinnick MP, the man with the expenses claim for astrology treatment who suggested money for cancer drugs should be switched to alternative medicine, I thought I’d take a look at what his predecessors in Parliament have said on the subject.

This is one of the exchanges I found, from 3 June 1943:

Mr. Keeling asked the Minister of Information whether his attention has been drawn to the fact that astrologers are predicting that Germany is on the verge of collapse; and whether he will stop astrological predictions about the war in order to counteract the risk that addicts of astrology will relax their efforts?

Mr. Bracken Astrologers seem to have the misfortune to be perpetually in conflict. And as no sensible person takes their predictions seriously, I cannot ask our overworked censors to meddle in their mysteries.

Mr. Keeling Has the Minister seen the recent statement in the “People” that, owing to the conjunction of the stars, no invasion of this country can ever take place, and is he aware that a great many people do treat such statements very seriously indeed and direct their actions accordingly?

Mr. Bracken Yes, but I must point out that some other papers’ astrologists have probably said that England can be invaded. As Hitler is known to dabble in astrology, may it not be that certain articles are written for him?

Mr. Lawson Is there any reason why Hitler should have a monopoly of astrology?

Mr. Bracken No, Sir.


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