David Cameron claims ignorance and getting online content: posts of the week

Welcome to my weekly round-up of two blogging highlights from the past week: the post that I found most interesting or enjoyable to write and the post from someone else that I found most interesting or entertaining.

A post from me…

Online politics: get your content by following the ‘little and often’ rule

Whether it’s building up an email list, getting a decent readership for your blog or accumulating a good network of residents on Facebook, as you steadily build up towards large audiences you need a regular supply of content, and all the more so once you have got your large audience. Being seen to be regularly providing interesting, useful and occasionally fun news in itself helps build the audience.

But how should busy campaigners ensure they actually get a steady supply of such content? Read the post to find out.

… and a post from someone else

I don’t think David Cameron really believed what he said

Mark Thompson rightly takes David Cameron to task:

David Cameron got a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University. He was taught by Vernon Bogdanor, one of the UK’s foremost experts on constitutional matters. It seems rather implausible that someone could get that qualification, from that university and then not be able to explain how a relatively simple electoral system works.

Read the full post from Mark Thompson here.

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