Two more Conservative councillors switch to Lib Dems in East Hampshire

Must be something in the air at the moment for, in addition to the news from Hinckley & Bosworth Council about a Conservative switching to the Liberal Democrats, two more in East Hampshire have also switched.

East Hampshire councillors Maureen Comber and Eve Hope have joined the Liberal Democrats and will be standing for the party in this May’s local elections.

Cllr Comber said:

There is a nasty atmosphere. Elected councillors are being excluded or browbeaten into following the party whip as dictated by the leader and his inner circle.

Earlier this year Ian Dowdle also switched from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats. Local Liberal Democrat chair Adam Carew said, “We have been speaking to a number of disillusioned Conservative councillors and I believe more defections will follow”.

One response to “Two more Conservative councillors switch to Lib Dems in East Hampshire”

  1. It seems that the Conservatives are loosing the plot a bit. I have just been on the internet and it seems that quite a few Conservatives are Freemasons. It seems that they want their dominance in the lodge to extend into their public lives.

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