More hypocrisy please and a ghost train – posts of the week

Welcome to my weekly round-up of two blogging highlights from the past week: the post that I found most interesting or enjoyable to write and the post from someone else that I found most interesting or entertaining.

A post from me…

If that’s hypocrisy, let’s have plenty more of it please

It’s a popular story in the media today that Nick Clegg is a hypocrite for having benefited from a cosy internship arrangement of the sort that he now wants to end.

Well, if wanting to change something you’ve benefited from, or stop something you’ve done, means you are a hypocrite, it also means…

You are a hypocrite if you once caused a traffic accident and now are a campaigner for road safety…

You are a hypocrite if you once were a criminal and now urge others to avoid crime.

And if that’s hypocrisy, let’s have plenty more of it please.

Read the full post about Nick Clegg and hypocrisy here.

… and a post from someone else

Ghost Station

Cllr Maureen Rigg on the train that isn’t there:

The airport has a railway station too – ideal you might think. Think again. Trains stop there once in each direction on Saturdays and now on Sundays too. For the rest of the week the trains hurtle through without stopping.

If we are ever to get people out of cars onto public transport we have to sort out the lunacy that allows a service to stop so infrequently that the conductor says he’s never before had to find that station on his machine.

Read the full post from Maureen Rigg here.

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