When "don't recycle" means "do recycle"

The range of plastics which Islington Council recycles has for a good while been impressively large, but the recent moves to make recycling mandatory have prompted me to find out the answer to something which has long puzzled me.

Read the explanations from Islington Council as to what plastics can be recycled in the Green Box collection and you’ll find it includes various items of plastic packaging which actually have the ‘don’t recycle’ logo on them. Take this example:

Plastic packaging - logo says don't recycle, Islington Council says do recycle

So which is right? The Islington Council information saying this item can be recycled or the logo and warning saying no to recycling?

The explanation Islington Council has given me is:

Some of those labels are a little misleading as they cater for everybody across the country – not all Local Authorities recycle as much as we do in Islington. The leaflet provides a full list of what we can collect. So long as its on that list, we can recycle it.

That is good news for recycling locally – though it would be even better if packaging information caught up with the situation.


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