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Tottenham Court Road is on the move…

[UPDATE: Another update of theĀ London tube map came out in August 2011, with changes mostly to do with the Docklands Light Railway.]

… in the latest tube map at least. New maps have started appearing on the London Underground, with Tottenham Court Road moved slightly to the west. This is so that it no longer appears on the Northern Line as those platforms have recently been closed until late 2011 as part of the major Crossrail-inspired rebuilding work at the station. In addition to bringing Crossrail to Tottenham Court Road station, the tube station itself is having ticket hall and entrances expanded and improved.

I’ve not seen any new editions of the printed map with this change, though the pdf tube map online has been updated – albeit this one has a red cross next to Tottenham Court Road station’s name, whilst the printed ones in use on station hoardings don’t.

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