Dan Snow on why the alternative vote is preferable to first past the post

I’ve mixed feelings about celebrities endorsing a campaign one way or the other. They certainly should be as free as the rest of us to express their views in public, but unless the cause of their celebrity gives them a particular expertise in the subject there’s no particular reason to be swayed by their views beyond those of anyone else.

However, there is one other exception to this, which is when a celebrity is so at least in part because they are an expert communicator, either serious or humorous. In those cases, getting them to argue a case and so make use of their communications skills makes a lot of sense.

So it’s good to see the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign makes good use of accomplished TV presenter Dan Snow to promote the alternative vote:

Persuaded? Visit the Yes to Fairer Votes website to find out how you can help the campaign. You can also make use of the Lib Dem Voice Facebook app to help publicise campaigning and so encourage others to take part too.

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