Homophobic smears hit Leicester South by-election

It’s become a grim feature of many Parliamentary campaigns for around the last decade to see last minute anonymous smear leaflets to appear over the Liberal Democrat policies for sexual equality and toleration.

The leaflets often vary in approach and the one that is just going out in Leicester South ahead of tomorrow’s by-election takes a particularly pernicious twist by pretending to be a Lib Dem leaflet promoting gay rights and distributed in very heavily Asian areas only:
Homophobic Leicester South Election Leaflet

A similar smear was tried in the previous Leicester South by-election and the by-election team’s response this time round is, “This a fake leaflet maliciously designed to incite hatred. It is disgusting attempt to provoke hate during the last days of a political campaign. It has no place in politics and it has no place in society. Some of this leaflet is completely true and we are very proud of our record in championing gay rights”.

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