The progressive minority: Nick Thornsby

Nick Thornsby regularly posts here on Lib Dem Voice highlighting pieces elsewhere but there’s one post of his own which fully deserves a similar plug:

The progressive minority

If there is one ‘lesson to learn’ from Thursday’s various polls it is this: there is no ‘progressive majority’ in Britain.

Let us be in absolutely no doubt whatsoever – as if we didn’t already know it – that Labour is not a progressive, and most certainly not a liberal, party – and neither, in the main, are those people who voted for it.

As the No campaign liked to remind us, a majority of Labour councillors and members of Parliament opposed the modest upgrade of our democracy that the people were offered on Thursday. An overwhelming majority of Labour voters did the same. If the upgrade on offer had been more radical, it would have been even more heavily defeated, not because more Conservative supporters would have voted against it, but because an even greater majority of Labour supporters would have.

Those people – such as Polly Toynbee – who think that Britain on the whole is an anti-conservative, anti-reactionary country are deluded.

But they are even more deluded in thinking that the Labour party represents the forces of progress.

You can read Nick’s full post here.

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