The best Standards Committee ruling, ever

Courtesy of the London Assembly came this ruling a few years back:

On 15 June 2009, the Assessment Sub-Committee of the GLA’s Standards Committee met in private and considered a complaint from Mr Shaun Lee, a member of the public, concerning the conduct of Mr John Biggs, London Assembly Member.

Set out below is a brief and general summary of the complaint:

In a letter dated 23 February, John Biggs’ Personal Assistant responded to correspondence from the Complainant to explain that John Biggs was not related to the Great Train robber, Ronald Biggs.

In response to this, the Complainant wrote to John Biggs on 26 February 2009 demanding an explanation as to how he could have the same surname as Ronald Biggs, but not be related to him. In the same letter, the Complainant also demanded to know John Biggs’ policies on transportation, crime and education in London.

The Complainant complained that John Biggs failed to respond to his letter dated 26 February 2009.

Perhaps not a great surprise to add:

The Assessment Sub-Committee decided unanimously that no further action should be taken on the complaint.

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