Lord McNally fully backs reforming the Lords

There’s been quite a lot of muttering from politicians about now Lords reform, although featuring in the manifestos of all three main parties at the general election, might not quite be needed or quite yet. That’s even included, regrettably, Liberal Democrat ranks in the Lords.

But Tom McNally, Liberal Democrat leader in the Lords, gave those who think 100 years hasn’t been long enough to think about change or that democracy isn’t what Parliament requires, short shrift in the latest Liberal Democrat News:

One hundred years ago the Liberal government committed itself to a second chamber “constituted on a popular basis instead of hereditary basis”. A hundred years later it makes even more sense that in a modern democracy those who make the laws should be elected by the people…

Reforms there must be if the Lords is not to sink into public contempt.

Well said Tom.

(If you agree with Tom and want to help campaign for Lords reform, there’s a grassroots Liberal Democrats for Lords Reform Facebook page you can sign up on.)

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