What I would have liked to hear Paul Burstow say more of this week

You might think it’s a small point, and it’s certainly not only applicable to Paul Burstow.

But in all the fallout since Panorama’s harrowing documentary this week, what a shame that so little has been said to praise the whistleblower who didn’t just try blowing the whistle once but again and again until he finally had success.

It’s been good to see Paul Burstow face up to the issue in the media and promise quick action to learn the relevant lessons. But no system is perfect and we’re always going to be reliant on whistleblowers as a crucial safety net.

It’s a shame that when politicians have been talking about the issue in the media so little credit and thanks has been given to Terry Bryan, the whistleblower.

It was thanks to his efforts that other people’s failures did not result in people suffering for even longer. So thank you Terry Bryan.

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