Honda’s new car adverts: reasons for a non-driver to be interested

Being a non-driver, the activities of car companies are not exactly always of interest to me. However such is the way of modern car advertising that mostly either it’s about cars in improbable places (open roads with no traffics, no lights, no potholes, no reality) or it’s not much about cars at all.

So the new Honda adverts are looking rather fun to me, because Honda is back sponsoring Channel 4 documentaries and is producing its own mini-films to go alongside them, featuring the owners of Hondas and what they get up to (not cursing traffic jams or cutting up cyclists or bemoaning the cost of petrol, you’ll be surprised to know). Here’s one of the trailers for them, produced by W+K:

The one, the first of four, features Philippa, an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, who uses a Honda to get around her farm with more about her activities available online with each of the short film leading you through to a unique web address with extra content hosted on the Honda hub.

There’s a touch of back to the 1950’s about all this. The early TV commercial deals involved sponsoring companies in helping to generate content. That then became putting adverts in and between the shows, but now those adverts are often becoming longer mini-films in themselves which as they get longer are becoming more and more like the primary watchable content.

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