What question would you like me to ask Vince Cable?

Mary Reid has done an excellent job organising a series of blogger interviews during the Social Liberal Forum conference on Saturday.

She’s roped me in to facilitate the one with Vince Cable, which should mean I manage to slip in a question myself too.

I’ll be blogging Vince’s answer but I’m a little spoilt for choice for possible questions, so over to you: what would you like to see me ask?

One response to “What question would you like me to ask Vince Cable?”

  1. Excellent Vince, very well done. It is encouraging to see the resurgence of the UK motor industry, albeit now virtually all foreign owned, but why on earth have the Olympics organisers been allowed to do a deal with BMW rather than require them to use a UK built fleet of cars. A bit of an own-goal when this was going to be a showcase of what the UK can do.

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