News in brief: The disappearing alarm clock, Vince Cable’s favourite moment and more

The police have returned the paperwork related to David Laws’s expenses – which suggests that they have not found anything in it worthy of legal action.

Asked by me at the weekend what his favourite moment had been since last year’s election, Vince Cable said it was getting drive an Aston Martin DB9 at 150mph. He swiftly added that this was on a racetrack rather than a road…

On a more substantive issue – he was also hopeful that a mutual buyer could be found for Northern Rock, pointing to the publicity about two mutuals in particular having expressed a serious interest. Turning it into a mutual might be off the agenda but selling it to one is very much on the agenda.

A sign of how last summer’s attitude towards coalition from Liberal Democrat ministers has changed – there are now separate ‘messages of the day’ distributed to Liberal Democrats and Conservatives following a period after last May where there was just the one set of government messages of the day.

Alarm Clock Britain – is it dead? Its absence from several recent speeches by Nick Clegg suggests so.


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