Lib Dem member in London? 10 August is your chance to question Nick Clegg in person

London Liberal Democrats have managed to squeeze into Nick Clegg’s diary a lunch time Q&A session with him on Wednesday 10 August.

It is being held 1pm-2pm at the National Liberal Club in the Lloyd George Room.

The event is for London members only, and people should bring their party membership card or membership renewal slip. The Club’s dress code is smart (i.e. jacket and tie preferred for men). The NLC is at 1 Whitehall Place, SW1A 2HE. There is no entrance fee for the event.

7 responses to “Lib Dem member in London? 10 August is your chance to question Nick Clegg in person”

  1. As I don't own either a jacket or tie I'm just too scruffy to be allowed to meet Our Glorious Leader. What sort of message are The Party trying to send me here?

  2. Might have been nice for Cowley Street to email London members…or are they concerned members might actually show up…

    • It's only just been organised, so I don't know if an email is going to happen but I think it would be a bit knee-jerk to assume that (a) there isn't going to be one, and (b) someone doesn't want people to turn up. After all, if that was the cunning secret conspiracy, nobody would have got in touch with me to say "can you pass on this information", unless of course it's just a remarkably bad secret conspiracy to keep members away 🙂

    • Hey Mark, as if by magic an email has appeared… Was just interesting as I know previous events where Nick has been speaking at in the last few months have been subject to controls on advertising prior to the event and restrictions on attendance through advance registration. This was hardly a cunning conspiracy although would have been good for the London members to find out at the same time as you were asked to spread the word. Just a process thing really – let the members know at the same time as promotion starts, rather than 24 hours later. Will see you there.

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