Writer’s block: how bloggers can beat it

Sometimes you want to blog, you know you’d like to keep your audience supplied with posts, you know that you’ve not suddenly become an ignorant, boring person with nothing to say – but you just can’t think of an interesting topic. You have writer’s block.

So what to do?

My solution: look through your posts from a year ago for inspiration to break your writer’s block. (Or look through your oldest posts if you’ve not been going for a year.)

They are all on topics that you know you are able to write about. Chances are that you’ll see something new you can say – because events have happened or because one year on, new thoughts occur to you as you read those words.

And if the words all seem perfect and still up-to-date? That in itself tells you that you’ve got some great material to work with. Drawing out how well those words have stood the test of time gives you material for a new post.

Some people think returning to old themes is bad news, but I take the opposite view. If I’m reading someone’s blog, it’s because I like the topics they cover. When they return to previous topics that isn’t bad news, it’s good news.

And for people eager to grow the amount of traffic their blog gets from search engines, there’s an added bonus – returning to particular themes means your site is more likely to come up in searches on keywords around those themes.


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