I’m impressed by Kingston Liberal Democrats

Well, that was a very well organised mass canvassing session by Kingston Liberal Democrats this evening for their council by-election in Surbiton Hill.

Made sure everyone signed-in? Check.
Provided instructions? Check.
Made sure people actually read the instructions? Check.
Provided maps? Check.
Organised social meet-up after canvassing? Check.

None of this is rocket science of course, but you’d be surprised / amazed / depressed (delete according to your personality type) how often basics such as this are not got right.

Kingston don’t quite score full marks… Two copies of canvass cards so people can leapfrog in pairs down the same side of roads? Fail.

But it’s a pretty good sign that if you go to help John Ayles and his by-election campaign, your time will get very well used too.

Polling day is 15th September and contact details for helpin John Ayles and the team are here.

And of course if you do go and help you can sample the local claim to Harry Potter fame – the cafe used in one of the films – as well as admiring the station that is rated the second best for cycling in all of London.

(Don’t bother with the one rated the best; not worth a visit.*)


* Subject to change depending on location of next by-election.

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