Campaigning In Your Community: new book out

Phew, book number 18 that I’ve been involved in as author or editor is now out. It’s written by myself and Shaun Roberts, called “Campaigning In Your Community”. Think of it as as guide to getting going with community politics, starting from your own doorstep.

A free copy was sent to every ALDC (Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors) member in Autumn 2011 and a pdf version is available from the ALDC File Library.

As Shaun and I say at the start:

In communities across the country there are improvements just waiting for a successful campaign to bring them about. Yet there are also people – far too many people in far too many places – who do not believe they and their neighbours have any power to change the streets around them, let alone the wider world.

Helping bring about those changes and helping people realise their own power should be at the core of local Liberal Democrat campaigning. It may be as simple as showing people that the graffiti that has blighted a local bridge for the last 20 years really can be removed or it may be as complicated as improving the quality of special educational needs services, but either way these are the sorts of changes that make politics a noble endeavour. Winning elections is fun – immense fun – but improving lives and communities is what makes it meaningful.

Not sure if the book is for you? Trying reading a free extract from the book and see.

Happy reading – and more importantly, happy implementing what you do read. It’s not that long so you can always take a look at books 1-17 too

Now, excuse me whilst I get back to working on book number 19 which is still this summer’s main task…

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