Liberal Democrat HQ – address, phone number and other contact details

Reception area at Liberal Democrat HQ, 1 Vincent Square, London

Since a move in 2021 from Great George Street, the Liberal Democrat Party HQ address for the federal party is:

Liberal Democrat HQ address

Liberal Democrats
1 Vincent Square

United Kingdom

020 7022 0988 (9.30-5.30, Monday-Friday)


Map here.

The federal party HQ is also used by the English Liberal Democrats and, off and on, by London Region Liberal Democrats as well as various party organisations.

The previous party HQ was at 8-10 Great George Street in Westminster. The last but one Liberal Democrat HQ at 4 Cowley Street had been the party’s HQ since its formation in 1988 when the Liberal Party and the SDP merged. Prior to that it had been the SDP’s HQ.

The Cowley Street building is a lovely Grade II listed building, originally the London HQ for the North Eastern Railway Company. However despite an extensive refit just before the 2001 general election, which saw many internal walls removed, it always struggled to be a good quality modern office. This was because the combination of listed features and the old layout meant the the working space was split up into too many smallish offices on different floors. This hindrance to people working together effectively in teams was always a big problem for the Liberal Democrats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, the building has since been converted into a luxury residential property.

5 responses to “Liberal Democrat HQ – address, phone number and other contact details”

  1. Mark: 50 years ago (1972) the first LD councillor was elected to our Borough council representing our local branch, this year the 50 year anniversary of the first, we had a clean sweep of LD councillors at County level, Borough level and Parish, this ward is totally Liberal Democrat.
    We would like to celebrate this but would like to know are we unique with this track record?

  2. Dear Mark
    I was the Western Counties regional agent for the LIbDems at the time of the formation of the new party. As I am in the process of clearing out old docs., including those about the SDP as we all the birthing pangs of the new party I wondered if you would like them. Otherwise thy will be offered to Bristol Uni. who have shown interest in the past.
    Kind regards
    Les Farris

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