Lembit Opik on the London Mayor selection result

The former Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik had a piece in today’s Evening Standard ahead of the results declaration in the London Mayor selection. In it he said he expected his bid would be unsuccessful and went on to say:

Ever since I was first enticed into entering the fray as a potential candidate, I’ve experienced a remarkable degree of antagonism and aggression from certain Lib Dems.

Most of it has occurred in the strange and self-styled environment of the ‘blogosphere’ – a parallel universe where some people who’ve never been elected to public office feel qualified to pronounce on those who have.

When one meets these people for real, their courage on the internet seems to desert them, replaced by excuses and a quick exit at the first opportunity…

There’ll be a time when a left wing, libertarian narrative returns to the Lib Dems.

When it does, I’ll be there. People haven’t heard the last of Lembit Öpik just yet. As somebody else said once, I’ll be back.

So watch out for the sequel: ‘Lembit Öpik Strikes Back’ – coming to a political platform near you in the not too distant future.

Lembit also wrote of Brian Haley:

His recent conversion to Liberal Democracy means he is unlikely to win this time round. But watch for Haley in the future – he’ll rise like a comet through the ranks and has a good chance of getting onto the GLA in future.

Meanwhile, after the result Lembit Opik told the BBC:

I think like every great politician you have to have some wilderness years. Nelson Mandela had them. Many other people had them.

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  1. Lembit Opik as Terminator… you know, I can't see it. But then, perhaps I'm just part of the 'self-styled environment' (isn't he the one who's called it an environment? One of us is confused), one of those unelected people who has the temerity to pass judgement on the elect(ed). You know, like all those pesky voters in Montgomeryshire…

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