Lords reform to be debated on the Saturday of Lib Dem conference

3:10pm, Saturday 17th September – that’s when the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham will be debating Lords reform.

The motion aims to ensure the party both sticks to its guns on expecting Parliamentarians to be elected and also to show those Lib Dem peers who are thinking of rebelling over the matter the strength of party feeling on the issue.

The full text of the motion is in the Liberal Democrat Conference Agenda (p.14-15).

As a bonus, the debate is followed by a speech from Lynne Featherstone. So what better way to ensure you’re seated in a good spot and in good time for Lynne’s speech than by attending the previous item…?

I’d expect there to be some interesting and lively amendments during the debate, such as on diversity (what, if any, rules should the party have to promote diversity in the first set of Lords selections?) and religion (if the Lords is not 100% elected, should we oppose any places for religious figures?).

So if you are a conference rep coming to Birmingham, do come to the main hall at 3pm on Saturday 17th September.

UPDATE: Here is the speech I gave in the debate.

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