MI6: speech-writers to Colonel Gaddafi?

Well, this is an unusual twist as the changes in Libya reveal documents about relations between foreign governments and Colonel Gaddafi:

Colonel Muamma al GaddafiThe documents claim that MI6 supplied its counterparts in Libya with details on exiled opponents living in the UK, and chart how the CIA abducted several suspected militants before handing them over to Tripoli.

They also contain communications between British and Libyan security officials ahead of Tony Blair’s visit in 2004, and show that British officials helped write a draft speech for Gaddafi when he was being encouraged to give up his weapons programme.

The discovery was made by reporters and members of Human Rights Watch in the private offices of Moussa Koussa, the former foreign minister and head of Libyan intelligence, who defected to Britain in February. He is now believed to be in Qatar. [The Observer]

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