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John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: a treat from 18th September

Had a real treat last night, going to see (hear)* two episodes of John Finnemore’s new radio sketch show being recorded.

Extremely funny (especially after the kindly person sat next to us explained the punch line in one sketch that we** didn’t get at all***).

If you ever wonder in future why I start sniggering when someone warns not to shoot the messenger, don’t blame me – blame Mr Finnemore and his messenger sketch.

Radio 4, 7:15pm, Sunday 18th September.

* I can never work out which verb is correct. But either or both are better than sea or here.
** If you are Mr Fenwick, Mrs Morris or Ms White and reading this – why yes, it was the Peruvian Ambassador I went with.

*** If you are reading this after hearing several of the sketches that make very effective fun of literary allusions then for the record – no, it wasn’t one of those. It was ignorance of a children’s game that undid us rather than shocking lack of cultural knowledge. Honest.

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