David Cameron’s brush with the law

Here’s a sample of what Conservative Party Leader David Cameron has said before:

David Cameron will unveil plans tomorrow for a new “three strikes and you’re out” rule [January 2008]

For persistent offenders, the public deserve a break from their behaviour [April 2006]

Now here’s the thing. Can you guess who was caught cycling through a red light and without a helmet in 2007? And was then caught again cycling through a red light, with an eye-witness reporting “instead of apologising, his whole attitude was one of arrogance”? And then we have today’s news, complete with photos:

The Tory boss was spotted flouting the law by cycling the wrong way in a one-way street, through red lights and the wrong side of a bollard on his 30-minute trip to work.

Hapless Cameron was breaking the rules within minutes of leaving his Notting Hill home in West London for Westminster.

He sailed past a large red no entry sign even Mr Magoo would have noticed. Another clue was the huge arrows on the road pointing which way traffic should go.

Next to be ignored was a keep left beacon in the Mall. He veered off to the right…no change there then. Cam also hurtled over a toucan crossing, for cyclists and pedestrians, while the signal was red.

Three strikes anyone?

Persistent offending that the legal system has failed to tackle perhaps?

I’m sure Mr Cameron will use this very best and latest of examples next time he speaks out against persistent offenders or rule breakers not being properly punished or the ills of modern society where people think they can get away with anything…

Hat-tip: Paul Walter for today’s story.

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