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Mark Cavendish needs to learn to cycle naked

It’s a little over three hours since Mark Cavendish became the first Brit cyclist to win at the road race World Championships for 46 years and where does this feature in the Radio 5 news and sports round-up? Nowhere in the news section and at the bottom of the sports section. Rated even lower than the result of this afternoon’s QPR match.

At least this time he made it to the Sky News front page (one better than that day in 2009), even if buried two-thirds of the way down and not even the most prominent sports story. That goes to the news that Sebastian Vetttel hasn’t yet won the world championship. Yes, nobody yet winning that comes ahead of Mark Cavendish actually winning something.

So as I said before, there’s only one conclusion for Mark Cavendish: he needs to learn to cycle naked. For someone who have achieved more in the last four years than the English team in the last forty, Cavendish is still a remarkably under-reported sporting genius.

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