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Café with a view #4: 15th Floor, Saint Georges Hotel, London

A little known gem is the Saint Georges Hotel,  on the corner of Langham Place and Regent Street, or more to the point its cafe / bar / restaurant on the 15th floor.

The easily scared may worry about stepping into a lift to rise 15 floors and see the inside proudly emblazoned with a sign reading “Beyond maintenance”. The easily confused may be put off by the highest ratio of different menus per table available in any cafe, bar or restaurant in London (probably).

But ignore all that, walk up the stairs if you must, deploy a flame thrower at the table and then – look out the window.

Fabulous views out of London, aided by the fact that the Saint Georges Hotel is an ugly skyscraper so, being in it looking out, you are spared the displeasure of having to see it.

View from 15th Floor, Saint Georges Hotel, London

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