Are these the most generous mileage allowances in the public sector?

HM Revenue and Customs set an approved mileage rate of 40p per mile for using your own car on work. That makes for a good yardstick to judge mileage allowances against and various parts of the public sector I’ve come across pay either this figure or a bit more or less.

But I’ve never come across anything quite like Reading Council:

About 400 council staff get a whopping £2.10 for every mile they travel by car.

Read the rest of the story at Get Reading.

And a challenge for our readers: anyone able to beat £2.10 per mile?

UPDATE: If you follow the comments to this story on the Get Reading site, you’ll see that the £2.10 figure was given in council papers and has also been used by a councillor. However, several people have said that many people receive significantly less than this.

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