In denial: Labour and Rosemary Emodi

I’ve commented before on the at times bizarre group-think mentality that seems to be gripping many in Labour circles over any criticism of Ken Livingstone. Their response is either to say:

  • Hey, you are a left-winger, you treacherous scum, how dare you criticise beloved Ken!, or
  • Hey, you are right-wing scum and part of a nasty conspiracy, how dare you set foot in our town?

(I paraphrase only slightly).

So what of Rosemary Emodi’s resignation earlier this week? You’d have thought that the resignation of one of Ken Livingstone’s aides for lying over whether or not she took a luxury overseas trip might at least give them pause for thought as to whether all is really shiny and proper and correct in the court of Ken.

I thought therefore I’d see what those fellow bloggers over at Labour Home had to say. It’s been a couple of days since the resignation, which seems to me a fair gap to leave before judging matters.

So I set their search engine to search the contents of Labour Home (only), tested the search with a couple of tests and then plugged in Rosemary Emodi. This is what I found:

Labour Home Rosemary Emodia Search Results


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