My new favourite tech gadget: a battery

It’s a battery:

Huawei HB4F1 U8220 Battery WiFi 1500mAH 4.2V

Not much to look at you might think. But this spare Huawei HB4F1 battery remedies the one drawback of my previous favourite tech gadget – the superb 3 MiFi hotspot.

The combination of Three’s network reach and reliability (at least in areas I frequent), the HSDPA speed (faster than GPRS) and its ability to network more than one device at once, meaning you need pay for only the one contract, would have made the 3 Huawei MiFi a favourite even if it hadn’t also been small and light. Its one flaw is a short-ish battery life, measured in hours but meaning that a full day out and about sees the battery die before the day ends.

But now that I’m armed with a spare battery for it, things are even better.

The more alcohol-minded might be more interested in this corkscrew.


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