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Pizza Express: High Street, London Borough of Sutton

Fat legs.

That is the distinguishing feature of Pizza Express, Sutton (the London borough with a very Lib Dem record).

Not on the staff or the other customers, but on the picture of a man on the toilet door. Very fat legs. Perhaps this is in homage to the nearby cycle lanes which feature unusually elongated bicycles painted on them? At any rate, the fat legs do not quite make the signs as exciting as those of the Pizza Express in Upper Street, Islington.

For modern students of branding and signage, the variety of toilet door sign designs in Pizza Express is rather a curio, for it is a both a firm with a very clear brand and consistent visual style in some respects yet also huge variations amongst matters of detail that are normally standardised across outlets, even if only for economies of scale in purchasing signs and the like. Anyway, that’s my excuse for breaking my earlier pledge to try to talk less about the Pizza Express toilets. Sorry about that.

To make up for that, here is a picture of some chocolate:

So that is 28 down, 110 (or thereabouts) to go.

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