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Pizza Express: St Christopher’s Place, London

So, what to say about the Pizza Express in Barrett Street, St Christopher’s Place, London?

Well, it continues the saga of strange toilet signage – for not only is the men’s toilets indicated by a sign with a shoe on it, but the A4 paper signs showing the way to the shoe-adorned door show silhouettes on which the men and women look different and mostly normal (no fat legs or near-identical profiles here) – but with the men apparently wearing lederhosen. Perhaps this Pizza Express is particularly popular with the ex-pat German community in London?

Or perhaps they are laden with four pistol holsters, one on the inside and outside of each leg? In which case, judging from the headgear on display from fellow customers, if the signs are an attempt to appeal to local cowboys, they are a failure.

Nice modern abstract art on the walls by the way.

30 down, 108 (or thereabouts) to go.

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