The best political news and blogs: all on one page

I’ve been trying out a new political news and blogs aggregator, which brings together the best news headlines and political blog posts from across the ideological spectrum all on one convenient page:

Do give it a whirl and let me know what you think…


2 responses to “The best political news and blogs: all on one page”

  1. All very good Mark. It's a bit weird having to click on links twice to get to them. The little summary boxes which pop up are nice, and I could get used to clicking twice, but on my iPad, when I went lower down the page, I'd click once on the link, say on a Daniel Hannan piece, and apparently nothing happened. So I had to click twice to get to the post. Unbeknownst to me, until I scrolled back up again, the post summary box was flashing up further up the page, but I couldn't see it, because I was lower down the page. I hope that makes some sort of sense! But, all in all, a good cross section of sources. Thanks for doing it.

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