Some of the strangest political adverts you’ve ever seen

Ah, America: land of the free and home to some of the most eccentric political advertisements.

“Eccentric” does not even begin to do justice to the recent Herman Cain for President advert that has been making waves in the last few days. Watch to the end – it’s worth it:

It has however faced some tough competition over the years in the weirdness stakes, and for my money it does not beat Mike Gavel, the man with a rock:

With both of those adverts, it is hard to see how anyone ever thought them a good idea. Dwight McKenna’s advert does at least have in its favour that it would have seemed a good idea at an early stage in the creative process, before things took a wrong turn:

But for the strangest of strange, you have to look outside the US and instead turn to Costa Rica. Seconds number 7 to 22 are fairly normal, but as for the rest

If you want some reassurance that politicians can do decent adverts, by the way, check out the list of five of the best political adverts which I put together last year. And if you want to feel uplifted, try out this 2020 advert.

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