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Pizza Express: South Woodford, featuring power points

Having talked toilets, it is time to talk power points once more.

Pizza Express is one of those chains now advertising free WiFi in many of its outlets but also is following the fashion not to advertise electricity power points. Which strikes me as odd given how often people worry about having to recharge their batteries; what better way to keep someone in an outlet spending than by having them plug in a device and wait for it to recharge? (Well, placing an armed guard on the door who threatens to kill them would work better, but I believe lawyers, moralists and humans may have some issues with that.)

However, some Pizza Express outlets (take an anthropomorphised bow, Pizza Express Lavender Hill and Pizza Express, Westfield Centre, Stratford) do have power outlets conveniently positioned by some tables.

As for South Woodford? The management here appears to be undecided, for there are convenient power points – but partly put out of use:

Meanwhile, in toilet signage news (yes, I could not resist), this outlet too has the new stripey look – but also inconsistent toilet signage, different from both Stratford and Pizza Express Loughton. Oddly, the choice of font and colour makes the signage look like it is from a 1970s posh hotel.

One other point to note about the toilets: that door handle which from the distance looks like a beautiful carved piece of sweeping wood? It’s actually a bit of plastic half-falling off when you inspect closely. Which at least makes it match the peeling paint on the ceiling in a display of artistic thematic unity. Or corner cutting maintenance. Take your pick.

The layout in the South Woodford Pizza Express is a little unusual, as it is made up of three shop front units knocked together. That means significant parts of the walls remain between the three units which are also, as the site is on a hill, all at different levels. That makes for each section feeling cozier (and sounding quieter) than many of the large open plan Pizza Expresses (such as Langham Place, my first blogged Pizza Express visit).

So that is 32 down, 106 (or thereabouts) to go.

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