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What Andrew Grice left out of his report for The Independent

Yesterday’s Indy carried a story by Andrew Grice about a “confidential” Lib Dem report from Annette Brooke MP attacking the government’s planning proposals.

“Confidential” is an interesting word to use.

Because what is in the report? Well, it is actually a collection of views already expressed in public, in Parliament and recorded in Hansard, by Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians which her and Lord Graham Tope have drawn on. Moreover, as a submission to a consultation, far from being “confidential” not only are its contents culled from what is already in the public domain but it too will be published.

Not exactly “confidential”.

Furthermore, what none of the quotes from the report in Andrew Grice’s story say is that Annette Brooke and Graham Tope actually welcome planning reform. The report is about how they want to see it changed – to toughen up the stance on sustainable development.

As Annette Brooke put it politely, “The Indy might have found it helpful to contact Graham or me before publishing”.


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