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Stroud Green Road mega-potholes update

Stroud Green Road has been plagued with potholes near the junction with Morris Place for a very long time. The problem? Something isĀ up involving water, which causes regular subsidence and new potholes. They’ve hunted for leaks. They’ve dug huge holes in the ground. They’ve cleaned out the drainage pipes and fitted new grills. And now they’re back hunting for leaks.

Here’s the latest technical detail from Islington Council. If you know what the technical bits mean, do let me know… but it sounds like there’s serious effort going in to fixing the problem. So enjoy those potholes while you still can:

Water Mains in Maiden Lane Zone
Technicians attended Stroud Green, very little noise on water main fittings, all correlations came up with no peaks, suspect the leak if any is on the 36″ main.

Trunk Mains
The trunk mains in this area are planned to be correlated on Friday so hopefully we should have some results on Monday, but will endeavour to try and get this done earlier.

Seepage Investigation
I have sent an email to the relevant department, and should hopefully receive a reply tomorrow.

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