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The curious case of the two new London Underground maps

If you’ve got a hard copy of the new (December 2011) edition of the increasingly misnamed London Tube map, you may be wondering quite what I was on about with my recent post, The new London tube map (December 2011 version).

And you would be right to wonder. Because whilst my post starts off talking about changes you can see on the printed copy, it meanders off into making claims about the new map which just aren’t there in the printed version. Was I hallucinating? Was I drunk? Was I making things up?

The rather more prosaic answer is that I checked things using the electronic version of the latest tube map which, oddly, is different from the printed version. The Oval / Kennington flip flop, for example, is there on the electronic version but not the paper version. Borough station too has not migrated westwards on the printed version, and so on.

Which is all rather a shame, because in fact that electronic version is therefore rather better than the printed version. Yet they are both marked “December 2011” edition. Odd, as I said.

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