I don’t cause cancer, I’m not in a bikini and I’ve not come to tax your petrol. But I am in the Daily Mail

Here you go, addressing the rather more prosaic matter of tax:

[Nick Clegg’s] view was backed by Mark Pack, co-editor of the blog Lib Dem Voice, who said the losses [in party support] were recoverable if the party continues to win policy successes, such as accelerating towards the £10,000 tax allowance.

Speaking on the same programme earlier in the day, Mr Pack said: ‘The Budget will be particularly important.

‘We are not going to see a big giveaway Budget.

‘But the influence of the Liberal Democrats is an open question.

‘There have been more Liberal Democrat policies implemented in the last year than in my lifetime – and yet politically we are not benefiting.

‘On the broad strategy, the party is united.’

Pssst, don’t tell the Daily Mail that I’m a foreigner.

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