Michael Gove: man of genius today, broccoli recipe tomorrow

To the naïve, taken in by superficial politics, Michael Gove’s brief bid, rapidly sunk*, to get the Queen a new yacht may not have the hallmarks of political genius stamped firmly on it.

But you would be wrong.

Because think about it.

What has Gove achieved today?

He has got large numbers of people writing the word yacht. And that means finding out how to spell the pesky word yacht.

We now have a nation freshly educated in where that pesky t goes, not to mention the irritating h. It’s mass education to raise our spelling levels.

So well done, Mr. Gove. I salute you.

Tomorrow? I think he’ll be announcing plans for a Committee to Definitely Agree An Acceptable Broccoli Recipe.


* Or torpedoed. Or wrecked. Or left high and dry. Pick your nautical metaphor. But try to stick to the sea, unlike Politics Home who went for “shot down”. Boat planes appear to have been on their mind.

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