Nick Clegg: what his speech web page could have looked like

Earlier today in amongst positive comments about the communications handling of Nick Clegg’s speech, I also made some criticisms of the digital side. It’s only fair to ask, “OK, but what would you have done?” so here is the web page I would have put together:

Nick Clegg: More money back in your pocket

I’ve deliberate kept myself to 30 minutes, using no-one else and spending no money; i.e. it’s the sort of page that is realistic to produce even given the resource restrictions which the party has to operate under. That’s a very important consideration. Saying things could be better if there was no limit on resources is easy – and pointless.

But within those restrictions I think it does a pretty good job compared to the original:

  • Clearer, more readable layout
  • Some clear, simple graphics
  • Professional looking, on message video content
  • A simpler, clearer message
  • Third-party endorsements for the party
  • More search engine friendly design and layout

I have of course used some content that came out after the original page was put up on the party site, so this is more a comparison of what the page could have looked like after the speech rather than at dawn today (which was a good time to publish the first version; kudos for that).

I can already think of some more improvements to make to my version, but my 30 minutes are up…

Of course, if you agree by all means make use of the page, which I’ll leave up permanently.

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