Has John Sentamu forgotten his own past?

Archbishop John Sentamu’s decision to invoke the word “dictatorship” and compare elected politicians who want to introduce same-sex marriage to dictators saddens me.

Not for the over-the-top rhetoric – that is all too common when it comes to politics or morality, let alone when politics and morality meet.

Rather partly because he confuses ‘this is how I and my church wish things to be’ with ‘this is how the state should legislate for all religions to behave’, neglecting the support for same-sex marriage from some long-standing religions in the UK.

And also because John Sentamu knows all about dictatorship thanks to his own personal bravery. He was jailed by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin for insisting on judicial independence.

What a shame that a man who has such personal experience of dictatorship as he does now uses the word in the way he does.

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