Treading in the footsteps of royalty, aka what happens after a Parliamentary by-election

This morning it was off to south west London to join campaigners from around and outside London for some campaigning to follow up the Feltham & Heston by-election.

Roger Crouch and his team did a great job holding on to third place and the deposit in the by-election.

Now the election is over, the area is not being forgotten – particularly as parts of it may move into Vince Cable’s constituency at the next general election. There are several similar moves around London where chunks of a borough in which the party is weak are being added in to the seat of an incumbent Liberal Democrat MP (Tom Brake and Lynne Featherstone are two other examples). This provides a great opportunity to use the benefits of an MP’s campaigning experience and profile to help establish strong local government footholds across several new boroughs.

Wisely much of the campaigning today saw people such as Roger and Vince Cable out on the doorsteps recruiting new leaflet deliverers to build up the Liberal Democrat organisation in the area. They had plenty of success, while I went for the warmer option of moving swiftly delivering leaflets in an area just inside Hounslow but containing council housing built for Richmond Council.

I felt duly honoured about the delivery rounds I was given as I discovered this sign:

Swedish royalty visit Hounslow aka Twickenham

So there I was, treading in the footsteps of royalty. History does not record if King Gustav and Queen Louise also left a Focus newsletter with the resident.

If they did, I trust they also used the sideway lattice technique to get it safely and fully through the letterbox.

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