The original text of today’s speech from David Cameron

Due to an unfortunate computer virus prank, David Cameron was forced to give a speech today using the wrong text. The virus had swapped the words “United Kingdom” for “Scotland” and “Europe” for “United Kingdom” along with a couple of other small edits to muddy the waters. Here is the original text of the speech he meant to give.

I am convinced that for both the United Kingdom, and Europe, our best days lie ahead of us.

And that even though it may be a great historical construct, Europe is actually even more of an inspiring model for the future.

Think of the key challenges of our times.

There’s the risks and opportunities of globalisation – with populations moving, cultures clashing and new routes to prosperity.

And there’s the impact of increasing economic competition from the new, economic power houses of the world.

Europe has the answers to both.

In an increasingly uncertain world, where risks proliferate and atomisation threatens our ability to look out for one another, nothing encapsulates the principle of pooling risk, sharing resources and standing together with your neighbour better than Europe…

Whether in London or Brussels, Europe is a warm and stable home that billions elsewhere envy.

And in an increasingly competitive world, where the future belongs to those who can collaborate, innovate and co-operate together best, the support a Europe of five hundred million can give, for example, to knowledge exchange between bio-engineers in Berlin and Oxford – and venture capital for the best start-ups – could be the envy of others.

So – I come here today with one simple message: I hope and wish that the United Kingdom will vote to remain part of Europe.

That’s not because I want to dragoon the UK into an arrangement which is in my interests.

Or, frankly, my party’s interests.

I know the Conservative Party isn’t currently Europe’s most influential political movement, and so more than a little humility is called for when any contemporary Tory speaks in Europe.

In fact some say it might be wiser not to speak at all.

As well as avoiding any criticism from the press – or politicians from other parties for “interfering” – it might be thought wise of me to just let Europe, in every sense, go its own way…

But that doesn’t interest me.

I’m not here to make a case on behalf of my party, its interests or its approach to office.

I’m here to stand up and speak out for what I believe in.

I believe in Europe. I’m a European head, heart and soul.

I believe that we are stronger together than they would ever be apart.

It is time to speak out, whatever the consequences, because something very special is in danger – the ties which bind us in the country we call home.

The danger comes from the determination of the Eurosceptics to remove the UK from our shared home.

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