Two sensible changes of course by the Government

On legal aid:

Ministers have made a significant retreat on two key aspects of the Legal Aid Bill after cross-party talks in the House of Lords.

Amendments to the legislation will ensure that victims of domestic violence and victims of clinical negligence in obstetrics cases that results in their children being severely disabled will continue to receive legal aid. [Politics Home]

On schemes for the unemployed:

Ministers have dropped the threat of sanctions for unemployed youngsters on a controversial work experience scheme.

It follows a meeting with dozens of firms with concerns, after criticism it amounted to “unpaid forced labour”… Following Wednesday’s meeting with firms and charities, it said that rule would be dropped – although sanctions would still apply in cases of gross misconduct.

The latter is a sensible move in the circumstances, though given how often William Beveridge’s name is invoked, it’s worth remembering what he thought on the matter of compulsion.

One response to “Two sensible changes of course by the Government”

  1. all good, but waiting for concessions on withdrawing the proposals for ending legal aid for such as Welfare Benefits. Not done by lawyers but such as CAB workers on relatively low pay.

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