There’s going to be some fun conversations between editors and journalists tomorrow

Imagine the scene… It’s Sunday afternoon and an editor is on the phone to a journalist.

Editor: Thanks for filing this piece about the Lib Dem NHS debate.

Journalist: Good piece, isn’t it?

Editor: There’s just one thing I don’t understand.

Journalist: Oh, what’s that?

Editor: Well, you know how you say there was a debate this morning at the Lib Dem conference about the NHS Bill?

Journalist: Yes, that’s right.

Editor: Are you sure it took place?

Journalist: Of course! I was there.

Editor: You sure you’re not on an expense scam trip somewhere else?

Journalist: That’s outrageous! How dare you say that!

Editor: Well, it’s just the piece you filed on Saturday said the Lib Dems had decided not to debate the NHS Bill on Sunday. And now you’re telling me you’ve been there to see a debate on the Sunday.

Journalist: Oh.


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