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Pizza Express: 154 Victoria Street

Been a while, so earlier in the week it was time to head off to a Pizza Express once more, this time the one at the Victoria Station end of Victoria Street and near to the ‘Little Ben’ clock.

Have you noticed, by the way, how the clock often seems to be one hour out? That is because it isn’t adjusted for British Summer in deference to France, following the clock’s restoration with French help in the 1960s. As a result, the clock is on British time in the winter and French time in the summer.

There were no visible clocks in the Pizza Express so I cannot report back on whether it pays homage too, however on the more important news of toilet signage, the salient facts are these. All the people on the signs have normal proportions. (Sutton┬áthis is not.) They are all normally clothed. (St Christophers Place this is not.) However… the signs do show a woman hitting a man in the crotch. The signs may repeatedly show that but the toilets do not, at least in my limited exploratory visits, live up to the billing.

Otherwise, this is a Pizza Express to be used only if you are (a) trying to work your way round all their outlets in Westminster/London/the UK, or (b) in need of a quick Pizza Express fix and don’t mind being in one of their most crowded, noisiest outlets where there is not only no room to swing a cat but no room to bring in your cat.

So that is 34 down, 104 (or thereabouts) to go.

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