Praise for William Hague’s green credentials from Lib Dem expert

Writing of his experience as one of Chris Huhne’s Special Advisers, Duncan Brack has this to say about green ministers:

There are certainly good green ministers in other departments [than DECC/DEFRA], such as Norman Baker in the Department for Transport, Andrew Stunell in CLG, and William Hague in FCO.

As for David Cameron, Duncan Brack says,

The prime minister’s attitude is perplexing. On the credit side, a real attempt to move the Conservative Party in a green direction before the election, a decent set of manifesto commitments, and a fair degree of support for DECC in many of the battles we fought behind the scenes (for example over the fourth carbon budget). On the debit side, he has not made a single speech on environmental issues since his off-the-cuff ‘greenest government ever’ comment the week after the election, and there are no signs of reining in explicit attacks on the green agenda from the chancellor.


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