That Labour 50p vote explained in one simple graph

I trust this settles any confusion over the Labour Party, the 50 pence top rate of income tax and the truth:

Labour 50p tax vote graph

Forget the heated rhetoric: Labour didn’t oppose cutting the 50p rate when they had the chance in the House of Commons.

42 responses to “That Labour 50p vote explained in one simple graph”

  1. HAHAHAHA………….. nice one. I still can't understand why anyone would EVER vote for Labour after the crap hole they turn this country into every single time they get back into power. One day the other parties will just say "F*ck it, you fix your own mess this time!"

  2. Of course, if the parties which proposed the vote wanted MPs to actually vote for it, they would a) hold when as many MPs who might vote for it were in the house, and b) tell people about it. The possibility that it was done merely as a trick to catch out Labour is neither here nor there.

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